The Making of a 100-Point Wine: Return to Greatness in Saint-Émilion

To taste the wines of Saint-Émilion is to meet two series of sensations. One is the richness, the concentration, and sometimes the alcohol, provided by Merlot.

The other is the more nuanced, perfumed, structured character from Cabernet Franc. The proportion of each in the blend determines the stylistic character of the wine and its balance.

And then there’s Château Figeac. A Premier Grand Cru Classé, one of the top wines of Saint-Émilion...

The Making of a 100-Point Wine in Wine Enthusiast Magazine

In this article published in the Wine Enthusiast, Roger Voss analyses the special character of the three grape varieties of Château-Figeac and the exceptional conditions of the 2018 vintage.
What other elements led him to award the score of 100/100 for this vintage?

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